Parades and Events in 2015

The small towns of southwestern Illinois love to have parades
and the Banana Bike Brigade loves to spice them up a bit.

Let us know if you would like to hire us in your hometown parade.

Parades/Events in 2015

2015 Mardi Gras Theme is "All Things St Valentine"
Feb 14 - Mardi Gras Grand Parade - Our Theme: The Birds and The Bees

Where would we be without the Birds and the Bees? 
Where would we be without the B.B.B.? 
Life would be dull, and then be no more; 
But life with the Banana Bike Brigade is never a bore!

Swooping up what would be discarded materials 
They re-use them and attach them to cycles with wheels 
Like birds and bees – flying freely through the streets
These riders are rarely still on their seats

So, stop and “smell the roses”
Let them tickle your cute little noses
The birds and the bees, we couldn’t live without
Buzzing around feverishy . . . in and out

Birds soaring and flying all through the sky
Bees fluttering about, with that gleam in their eye
The flowers, the trees ~ in such, contentment is found
So feed us and spread that pollen around

Since 1994 ~ those busy little bees
Building and sculpting, and playing for peace
The Banana Bike Brigade reminds about the basics of life:

the Birds & the Bees ~ make love not fights

A Mardi Gras favorite each and every year, the Banana Bike Brigade reminds us to play for peace and have a roaring good time!

June - Marissa Coal Festival in Marissa IL
June - Firemen's Picnic & Parade in Red Bud IL
July - 4th of July Lion's Homecoming in White Hall IL 
July - Heritage and Freedom Fest in O'Fallon MO
July - Homecoming Parade in New Athens, IL

We Won 1st Place in the Mardi Gras Grande Parade in 2015

Banana Bike Brigade
We Won 2nd Place in the Mardi Gras Grande Parade in 2013